'Hesperides' by Basinio de' Basini of Parma
f.49v Camp and army

Basinio Basini, also known as Basinio da Parma (Tizzano Val Parma, 1425 - Rimini, 24 to 30 May 1457), was an Italian humanist and poet. He was born in the castle of Tizzano, son of Vincenzo Basino, a military man originally from Mantua who had been serving Ottobuono de 'Terzi. After beginning his studies in Parma, he went to Mantua, where he was a pupil of Vittorino da Feltre, and Ferrara, where he studied Greek with Teodoro Gaza and most likely met Guarino of Verona.
In 1449 he moved to Rimini at the court of Malatesta. There he wrote much of the epic novel Liber Isottaeus and his major work, Hesperides, an epic poem in 13 books written to celebrate the deeds of the Lord of Rimini, Sigismondo Malatesta.

Collection: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Canon. Class. Lat. 81
Type of object: Manuscript
Material: parchment
Page size: 343 x 237 mm
Author: Basinio de' Basini of Parma
Title text: Hesperides.
Country or nationality of origin: Italian
Place of origin: Rimini
Date: 1457-1468
Folio or page no.: fol. 049v
Whole page or detail: detail
Image description: Camp and army.
Source: Bodleian Library, Oxford

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